The World Talks:

The world's biggest dialogue experiment

Imagine if every person in the world could have a conversation with another person, across all borders. A Chinese woman from Shanghai and an American woman from the Rust Belt would exchange stories about their lives. A coal miner from Germany and a small farmer from Madagascar could share their experience of climate change. A cleaning woman from Greece could debate a teacher from Hungary about migration and LGBTQ rights.

What would such conversations change?

Global problems need global solutions

Have you ever wondered what a person on the other side of the world thinks about climate change, migration, war and how to tackle other problems of the future? The World Talks is your unique chance to talk to someone from a totally different country, context and mindset about the world's most pressing issues. Learn how people around the world live their daily lives, solve problems and think about the future.

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Our methodology

The World Talks is the first worldwide program by My Country Talks, a global nonprofit that helps societies around the world connect over the issues that divide them through dialogue. Since we started in 2018, we have helped 250,000 people across 30+ countries exchange ideas through 1:1 conversation.

My Country Talks was created by the German newspaper ZEIT ONLINE. Our mission is to connect people all over the world to discuss the issues that divide them, and the issues that unite them. Our scientifically proven methodlogy can reduce polarisation and build empathy through the power of dialogue.

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Our partners

The Caravan, India

El Tiempo, Colombia

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GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, Italy

The Green Line, Canada

Hankyoreh, South Korea

Meduza, Russia

The Mirror, UK

News24, South Africa

The New Humanitarian, UK

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Organización Editorial Mexicana, Mexico

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