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The World Talks 2023 has ended.

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On June 25th, people from all over the world had a personal conversation with a total stranger on another continent. More than 3,000 people from 116 countries were matched with a conversation partner from the other side of the world to discuss global issues.

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What is The World Talks?

The World Talks is a first-of-its-kind global dialogue experiment that invites thousands of people from around the world to exchange ideas, stories, and perspectives. On June 25, 2023 we will match participants with different opinions together for a 1:1 conversation online in English.

Join the global day dialogue and meet someone from a totally different country, context and mindset.

The World Talks is the first worldwide program by My Country Talks, a global nonprofit that helps societies around the world connect over the issues that divide them through dialogue. Since we started in 2018, we have helped 250,000 people across 30+ countries exchange ideas through 1:1 conversation. The World Talks is created in collaboration with 16 global, independent media organizations.

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How global are you?

The World Talks is an experiment, and we need your help. Send the sign up form to your friends and help us make this a truly global event.

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How does it work?

Sign up by answering a few questions about global issues. After you sign up, our matching algorithm will introduce you to a partner for you from the other side of the world who thinks differently from you.

You and your partner will meet on June 25, 2023, along with thousands of other conversation pairs around the world.

1. Answer Questions

Answer a few questions and give your opinion on the issues facing the world right now

2. Get matched with your partner

You will be matched with someone from another country, who answered the questions differently from you

3. Have a conversation

If both you and your match decide to meet, you can arrange a call on your favorite chat platform


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